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Latest Numismatic News:
1914 - 2014 100th anniversary of Wo  ....
1914 - 2014 During July 2014 The Royal Mint were selling 1914 sovereigns on their website to tie in with the 100th anniversary of World War One for £350.

1937 Gold Sovereigns - Edward VII 1  ....
1937 Gold Sovereigns - Edward VII 1937

1975 Full Sovereign British Gold Co  ....
1975 Full Sovereign British Gold Coin Uncirculated Decimal Head

Three new British coins  ....
New coins released include a 50p to commemorate Battle of Britain and a £2 to mark First World War centenaryThird coin is £2 marking 800th anniversary of Magna Carta showing King John accepting historic treaty in 1215

1925 Gold Sovereigns - Edward VII 1  ....
1925 Gold Sovereigns - Edward VII 1925

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